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Bringing the truth to light

Did you know …

That in 2011,  The Weinberg Northeast Regional Food Bank provided emergency food assistance to about 8,300 different people  in northeast Pennsylvania in any given week?

That nearly 14% of Pennsylvanians suffer from food insecurity, according to Feeding America?

And that nationally,  one in six kids lives in a household with food insecurity, which means they do not always know where or when they will find their next meal, also according to Feeding America?

You may have heard some of these statistics in the infrequent reports on the local and national news that spring up around the holidays, when most people have heightened awareness of those going without a traditional Thanksgiving feast.  But hunger is a 24/7, 365 days a year problem in the United States–and in northeast Pennsylvania.

The student journalists in COMM 224: Electronic Newgathering Seminar will study and report on hunger in northeast Pennsylvania to help bring the truth to light–that people in our own communities deal with hunger and food insecurity on a daily basis.

This blog will feature the fruits of their labors in mid-April, when they will post their final reports on not only the status but also the face of hunger in northeast Pennsylvania.

Until then, follow their blogs.  Students will reflect on their experiences in this course, on the challenges they face when reporting on this issue, and on what they, too, are learning about the realities of hunger in our communities.

Links to the students’ individual blogs can be found under the “Student Blogs” tab.  And, after each blog post deadline, we’ll feature one or two of the most intriguing blogs for you here on this site as we lead up to the launch of the students’ reporting in April.

So, stay tuned.  Watch for the first blog posts next week.  And, follow us on Facebook.  Use the “Like” tab on the right sidebar of your screen.

Dr. Wotanis


About Lindsey Wotanis

Assistant professor of communication arts. Lover of writing, YouTube, and peanut butter.

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