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Featured Blog Post #5: “Stereotypes are devices for saving a biased person the trouble of learning…”

By Elysabethe Brown, sophomore communication arts major When I was younger my family didn’t have a lot of money. With three other sisters, a stay at home mom, and my dad working as a pastor, things were pretty tight sometimes. I remember getting hand me downs from my older sisters (something I was really not […]

Featured Blog Post #4: Social Stigma

By Vincent Mecca, senior communication arts major In our class, our research has been divided up into three groups, each pertaining to a different aspect of hunger.  My group is the group dealing with social stigmas in regards to hunger recipients.  Specifically, we will be researching factors such as the social connotation that go along […]

Featured Blog Post #3: Research Findings

By Megan McGraw, senior communication arts major Hunger is an issue. When I say this, I’m not speaking lightly by any means. This isn’t a scripted PSA statement asking you to donate a few dollars to cause “X” or organization “A.” After looking at hunger statistics, the number of people suffering from food insecurity in […]