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Featured Blog Post #3: Research Findings

By Megan McGraw, senior communication arts major

Hunger is an issue.

When I say this, I’m not speaking lightly by any means. This isn’t a scripted PSA statement asking you to donate a few dollars to cause “X” or organization “A.”

After looking at hunger statistics, the number of people suffering from food insecurity in Pennsylvania alone is startling. By clicking the image below, you will be taken to the source of the statistics.

According to Feeding America, the number of the food insecurity rate is 13.5%. In addition, 20.9% of the children in Pennsylvania are facing food insecurity as well.

To put this percentage into perspective, our state population is 12,516,596 living, breathing, human beings. This equates to at least 2,628,485 children alone coping with food insecurity in the lovely state of Pennsylvania.

The state should be outraged! We should be outraged! For living in a 1st world country, this shouldn’t be acceptable. Hunger shouldn’t be an issue. These are only the statistics for one state; I can’t even begin to imagine the numbers on a national level.

One would think from the number of organizations working against hunger, it would not be such an issue.

This is just one of the things I’ve discovered from my research in class so far.

In addition, there are a number of websites and resources presenting a number of statistics; there is a definite lapse in current information (I’m talking 2006-2007 for last reported dates). The Feeding America website seems to hold the best up-to-date information on just a small portion of hunger statistics.

While there are a number of organizations and resources to quell the hunger rate, they are not easy to understand and the ease of access is limited. It isn’t surprising that people eligible for programs may not be utilizing said programs.

There needs to be some sort of reform, something needs to be done.


About Megan

Formerly a Film student from Penn State University, I transferred to Marywood University in the spring of 2010. Currently, I am majoring in Digital Media and Broadcast Production while finishing the final requirements for my minor in Journalism and English. My passion has always been film, but attending Marywood helped me to explore interests in other fields like radio and print media. I am the Online/Multimedia Editor for Marywood’s student-run newspaper, The Wood Word. Sometimes I’ll even write an article. In addition to The Wood Word, I’ve been a part of VMFM as a DJ and former, Assistant Music Director. I am also the Vice President of the Digital Media Club and will be a group leader for Comm. Week this year.

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