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Featured Blog Post #10: My experiences with writing and researching hunger in NEPA

By Meghan O’Hara, junior English major

This is the most rewarding project I have ever been a part of.

I’m not going to deny that sometimes I wanted to quit or just hand in a zero for a class assignment because I was struggling or couldn’t find the things that I needed. Sometimes I felt that I had too much on my shoulders to finish properly.  How could I handle writing about such and important topic in a way that can be understood and heard by all, while also finishing up other class assignments and extra-curricular activities? But, I continued because I knew that my research and my articles would make a difference in peoples lives and would bring attention to an important issue.

I have written articles in the past, usually about local happenings in Scranton, and while they were important to write, I feel that the article that I wrote for this class I am particularly proud of. I believe that this is the most effort I have put toward a class assignment in my entire college career, granted the fact that I had the entire semester to work on it. I wasn’t just handing in a paper to a teacher to get a grade; this is much more important than a silly grade.  This article is about educating and bringing awareness to Hunger in Northeast Pennsylvania.

I feel like I grew a lot as a person during this project. There was a lot more self-reliance, even though we worked in a group. I had to contact people outside of Marywood for interviews, which was a bit nerve-racking at first but, it definitely helped me with my independence. It also made me feel confident because I was able to achieve this on my own. I believe that the independence and confidence I gained through this class will help me achieve whatever goals I set in my future career.


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