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Access & Awareness

The Access and Awareness group set out to investigate and report the availability of food for people and organizations in NEPA.  As we began the course, we were involved in researching a plethora of sources that deal with hunger. We realized was that there is no single solid source that had consistent information.  For our group project (shown below) we compiled a list of organizations and services to highlight the services that are available to Lackawanna County citizens who may be food insecure or in need of assistance.  Click the image below to view our booklet, “Hunger Bites: A guide to help you get back on your feet.”  Below the image are links to our individual stories.

Three generations struggle to make ends meet

By Ashley Shamro, junior communication arts major

Mindy Nevins lives in Scranton in a small house that she shares with her mother and her young daughter of 2 years old. She is 21 years old and has three jobs to support her family while her mother Dolores, Nevins, 62 stays at home while Mindy works all day.

Mindy’s family is on food stamps and she describes the process as being difficult because though she works and has a very low income, government guidelines say she earns too much and can only receive the minimum amount allowed in food stamps.  Read more …

Hunger research attempts to identify contributing factors in Northeastern Pennsylvania

By Joseph Petro, sophomore communication arts major

To fight hunger, you have to be able to identify it. In northeastern Pennsylvania and beyond, data on hunger is scarce, outdated, and in some cases, inaccurate.

To help paint a clearer picture of hunger in the NEPA community, Dr. Joanne Christaldi, assistant professor of nutrition and dietetics at Marywood University has created a research study to generate data based on how many Pennsylvania residents suffer from food insecurity.  Christaldi stated that the awareness of food insecurity is not suitably documented and she hopes that her efforts will bring awareness to the issue.

Read more …

Local agencies work to fight hunger in Northeast PA

By Molly Boylan, junior English major

Hunger is a global problem.  Yet many Americans are unaware that their neighbors or co-workers are struggling to feed their families.  In Lackawanna County, the problem is greater than many people might assume.

And, it’s not just families that struggle.  Many local food banks and non-profit hunger organizations struggle with keeping their pantries full so that they might provide for the hungry.

Read more …

Local Religious Groups Help the Hungry in NEPA

By Owen Karoscik, sophomore communication arts major

All religions have a difference in beliefs and values. But one thing they all have in common is helping to feed the hungry. They may not be able to save them all, but do whatever they can to save as many as possible. No matter their beliefs, they are all prepared to do God’s work.

Mission groups nationwide perform dozens of food drives and donations. In northeast Pennsylvania, there are many different religious groups that work simultaneously to help the hungry.

Read more …


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