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Ashley Shamro

Three generations struggle to make ends meet

By Ashley Shamro, junior communication arts major

Mindy Nevins lives in Scranton in a small house that she shares with her mother and her young daughter of 2 years old. She is 21 years old and has three jobs to support her family while her mother Dolores, Nevins, 62 stays at home while Mindy works all day.

Mindy’s family is on food stamps and she describes the process as being difficult because though she works and has a very low income, government guidelines say she earns too much and can only receive the minimum amount allowed in food stamps.

There was a time that her family came close to not having enough food.  

“Sometimes it’s hard to keep going but I always rely on having faith in my family, especially Mackenzie, my daughter. She always puts a smile on my face. She truly is my inspiration to keep going in life,” said Mindy.

Mindy represents several statistics. Like Mindy, one in four Americans are going hungry, according to ABC.  In America and 17 million children are in need of food insecurity.  And, Mindy is just one of six million young adults who end up back at home living with their parents, according to a recent CBS report.

Dolores, Mindy’s mother, stays home to watch Mindy’s daughter–her granddaughter–while Mindy works. Although Dolores babysits every day and her daughter pays the monthly bills, Dolores said she is afraid for her family, especially since they have gone through many hard times with being in need of food.

The one thing that Dolores is proud of is having a daughter and a grandchild who are both happy and healthy, especially in this economy. Dolores hopes that it gets better for families in need out there and she emphasized that it’s a good thing to ask for help and that people should never be ashamed of asking for government assistance.

Mindy has gone through a lot of triumphs in her life but she is a fighter and survivor. Her family and friends have her back no matter what happens in her life. Her family is very inspirational and they send a great message to families in need to never be ashamed of asking for help.

Dolores Nevins talks about her family’s experience with hunger.


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